What Patients Can Expect

  •  Upon arriving at our office, our staff will obtain the information needed such as insurance cards and ID to verify coverage with the patient’s insurance.

  • An evaluation will then be performed by one of our certified practitioners to establish goals and the best treatment plan for each individual patient’s needs.

  • Based on the evaluation and the insurance requirements, we will contact the ordering physician to obtain the paperwork needed for authorization from the insurance. Once an approval is received, an appointment will be made to continue the process.

  • When a custom brace or prosthesis is necessary, a cast, impression, or scan will be taken of the patient in order to begin fabrication of the device.

  • If needed, a diagnostic fitting will be made to verify the fit and comfort of the device.

  • Once the device is completed, a delivery appointment is scheduled to ensure the patient is comfortable and understands the proper use and care of the device prior to taking the device home.

  • Follow up appointments may be made after the patient becomes accustomed to their device. This appointment is used to monitor the patient’s progress toward the pre- established goals.

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